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Salford has undergone extensive redevelopment in recent years including Salford Quays and Media City UK

  • About Salford

    The residential population in Salford is 220,000 and is forecasted to grow by another 20,500 by 2022, the second highest forecast in Greater Manchester. The city has a working population of 139,600 people with over 5 million people within commuting distance. Salford is situated at the heart of the largest sub-regional economy outside of London and the South East. Consequently the city is an attractive destination for a range of business sectors.

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    Salford University

    The Shopping Centre neighbours Salford University with around 20,000 undergraduate & post graduate students.

  • New Tesco Extra Adjacent to Centre

    The new 130,000 sq ft Tesco Extra Store, adjacent to the centre will undoubtedly draw custom from a greater catchment area.

  • Salford Quays / Media City

    Salford has undergone extensive redevelopment in recent years including Salford Quays and Media City UK. Salford is home to several major attractions including the Lowry Theatre and the Imperial War Museum. This area is a thriving commercial and residential hub and a key example of Salfords recent redevelopment.

  • Pendleton Together

    “Pendleton Together is a passionate and progressive partnership that will make the place work better, it will build, modernise and provide homes, it will make spaces work and it will provide community services for all kinds of people.” The project will deliver;

    • 500 new jobs
    • Job training for 3,200 people
    • invest a minimum of £650m
    • Provide over 2,000 work experience opportunities
    • Deliver 10 hectares of quality public space
    • Create 3km of walkways and cycling routes
    • Modernise over 1,200 homes and build a further 1,600

Catchment Area

  • 195k catchment residents
  • Loyal customer base – annual footfall of 6m shoppers
  • Strong shopper penetration – 42% of residents use Salford Shopping Centre a regular shopping destination
  • £274m – total shopper spend on Non-Grocery goods
  • Pre-Family orientated – proportion of Pre-Family households are 32% above North West (NW) average

Young Catchment

  • Salford has a young age profile with high proportions of residents aged 16-24 and 25-44, respectively 22% and 12% above the NW average
  • This is a desirable age profile for retail as these age groups typically spend more on comparison goods than older residents
  • Fashion spend is typically high among aged 16-24s

Exceptional Visit Frequency

  • 91 visits per annum, averaging out at nearly twice per week
  • Loyal customer base – annual footfall of 6m shoppers

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